My Five Favorite MAC Lipsticks

We all know I love a good lip product, and MAC lipsticks are among my favorites. Since I’ve tried so many, I thought it would be fun to share my five favorite MAC lipsticks. These are my tried and true standby MAC lipsticks. The ones that I just cannot see myself being without at a given moment.

My five favorite MAC lipsticks - Snob, Myth, Girl About Town, Ruby Woo, Peach Blossom // Glossy Blonde

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Festive Finds: Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

I love to entertain friends and family during the holidays. Whether it’s for a holiday-themed Family Game Night, Friendsgiving gathering, Yankee Swap, or any other reason (I can think of many!), there are a few items I’ve found that make it easy for me to entertain any number of guests for a festive occasion!

In order to gear up for the holiday season, I received the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee & espresso machine, and I was sent on my way to the Nespresso Boutique and Sur la Table for a shopping excursion to pick out some fabulous and festive finds. And I found some great items!!

Nespresso Boutique Bar // Glossy Blonde

I’m hoping that some of my “festive finds” can help to inspire you, and make your holiday entertaining easier (and more fun!) as well. :) [Read more…]

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{Bumpdate} 36 Weeks

We’ve made it to 36 weeks!

Bumpdate: 36 week pregnancy update // Glossy Blonde

According to my doctors (and depending on how testing goes this week), I will be induced at either 37 weeks or 39 weeks unless something critical happens at any time in-between. At this point, I know he’s healthy, he’ll just be small. So if he decides it’s time now (I’ll be 37 weeks later on this week), or in 2 1/2 weeks from now, I’m good with that.

I am, however, starting to really stressed about the waiting game. Not that I would have an idea when the baby would come if there were no complications and I went into labor naturally, but the constant doctors appointments and ultrasounds and NSTs are really starting to weigh on me. I broke down in tears during my NST on Friday for no apparent reason, and I think the overall process of living appointment to appointment and the not really knowing what’s going to happen or when is taking a toll.

But again, the baby is healthy and that is ALL that I want.

So depending on what happens, there may not be another pregnancy update on the blog! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates! :)

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On My Skincare Wishlist…

I recently had to pare back on my skincare because my skin decided to freak out on me for a few weeks, but now that I’ve gone back to basics and things are finally back to normal (thank goodness), I’m ready to try out a couple of new (admittedly ultra-luxe!) skincare products!


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial // Glossy Blonde

The first is the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial.

This is a serum-oil combo that is meant to be applied at nighttime to rejuvenate and brighten, and it also claims to plump and smooth the skin. The texture is essentially cashmere-like. [Read more…]

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Ahoy, It’s A Boy! Baby Shower Recap

I recently had my baby shower and wanted to share a few of the photos!

Baby Shower 041

Since I’m just a little bit obsessed with all things nautical, my mom decided on an “Ahoy, It’s a Boy” theme, which I thought was so adorable. The decor was mainly navy, cream and red, and included accent pieces with anchors, whales and ships. I loved it!! [Read more…]

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