A Mommy App (+ Starbucks Giveaway)

For all my mommas and mommas-to-be out there, I want to introduce you to a new app called A Mommy App!

A Mommy App Collage // Glossy Blonde

The app was released in early October is available for iPhone and Android. I downloaded it pretty much right away, and I’ve had so much fun playing around with it since!

A Mommy App was created by a husband and wife team (John and Tiffany) who are both Registered Nurses and, of course, parents. The app provides tons of useful tracking information and entertainment for new moms and moms-to-be. And really, if Dad wants to try it out too, he would get a kick out of it. The graphics are colorful and cute, and there are a ton of great options for everything from quizzes to tracking baby’s firsts to relaxing “mommy time” games. [Read more...]

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Current Shoe Obsessions

fall 2014 shoe obsessions // glossy blondeI was perusing ShopBop recently and came upon these shoes… Ughhhh dying! I don’t know what it is about certain pairs of shoes, but I get obsessed. Head over heels, have to have them, obsessed. And that was just the beginning.

I don’t know what started this shoe shopping kick, but I’ve ended up with a collection of shoes that I am dying over that includes everything from booties (soooo many booties) to pumps to flats and even sandals! Sigh.

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15 Festive and Tasty Halloween Treats

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I absolutely love baking fun treats to celebrate!

I thought I’d put together a few of my favorite recipes for Halloween treats for a little bit of inspiration this year.

Scroll through the slideshow below for some fun and festive Halloween treat recipes!

Check out Fun and Tasty Halloween Treats

by Niki Caron at Foodie.com

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My Five Favorite It Cosmetics Products

You may (or may not!) know that I’m currently the It Cosmetics Blogger of the Month! This is exciting for me since I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the It Cosmetics brand since discovering Bye Bye Redness last winter. Once I tried that, I wanted to try more and more of the products offered by It Cosmetics, and I’ve found very little from this brand that I don’t like.

So (although it was tough to narrow it down to just five), I wanted to share with you my five favorite It Cosmetics products!

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{Bumpdate} 32 Weeks

I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant! Eeeep!

32 weeks pregnant // Glossy Blonde

If I look tired in this photo, it’s because I ended up getting a cold on Saturday and despite trying to “work through it”, it knocked me on my butt.

But anyway, my doctor’s appointments have been every two weeks now, and at 36 weeks I’ll start going every week. Things are getting REALLY close and it’s starting to go by so quickly!

Time for my 32 week pregnancy update! [Read more...]

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