Reflections on 2013 and Thoughts on the New Year

Snowy night by a light post featuring J.Crew coat, J.Crew sequin polka dot top, Gap pants, Cole Haan heels

With the New Year quickly approaching, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2013.

2013 was quite a year for me. My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, and on the weekend of our anniversary, we bought our very first home. Best anniversary present ever, I might add. For a “paper” themed gift, I think he did pretty darn well (a deed!). I’m wondering how he’s going to top that for our second anniversary. I’m totally kidding (since a vacation home is out of the question). Seriously though, my husband is my best friend and I love him more and more every day. He works so hard to provide for us and I appreciate all that he does more than I could ever put into words.

So yeah, we celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple and bought our very first home. That home, I might add, was/is in Massachusetts, where we are both originally from and our families still live, so we made the move from New Jersey back to Massachusetts in March.

It’s been wonderful being back in Massachusetts. I have a big, fat Greek family and we are all very close, so being able to see them often without having to take time off of work and/or drive for 8 hours round trip is truly a blessing. Since being home in Mass, my amazing parents have sacrificed their own time to help me out with the dogs on days when I’m working and the hubbs is traveling for business. And sometimes my mom will even bring over homemade avgolemono soup (Greek egg lemon soup – if you’ve never had it, you should – it’s delicious). There have been many “cousin parties” where my brothers, all of our cousins and our significant others get together for a game night or gift exchange. We always have a great time together and these are truly some of my favorite moments. I am a very, very lucky girl for all of these and so many more reasons.

I traveled a bit this year as well. I went to Chicago with my sister-in-law for BlogHer, I spent two different weekends down in Florida (one girls’ weekend for my dear friend’s bachelorette, and the other for her wedding) and my husband and I took a mini getaway to Cape Cod for my birthday. We didn’t take any big trips this year, mainly due to the fact that we bought a house, but we plan to do that in 2014.

I also learned and grew quite a bit business-wise. I completed another year of my MBA program and am that much closer to graduating, and took further steps into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s slow going, but I will open a boutique. I am working slowly towards that goal because I want to do it right, and I want to be successful.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of bumps in the road this year, too. One particular hurdle was my grandmother’s diagnosis of liver cancer. My Nana is in her 90s, but I have to say, she is the strongest woman I know. The woman still wears heels! She underwent radiation and as of now, it has stopped the growth of her tumors. She’s doing well!

All that said, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued readership and support. Without you, Glossy Blonde would not be what it is today. I started this blog to share my favorite beauty tips & products, baking recipes and outfit ideas with my friends and family and I am completely in awe of how much this blog has grown. I am so thankful to every single one of you that give up even just a second of your time to stop by. To those who comment day after day with so much encouragement and support, those who follow along via social media and laugh at my stupid humor or love seeing photos of my pets, and those readers I have formed friendships with – some of those friendships have even grown outside of the blogging community. Each and every one of you is near and dear to my heart, and the fact that you come back time and time again to read what I – quirky, silly, sometimes a little weird, me - have to say is the best feeling in the world. I am so grateful for your support this past year and hope that we can continue to grow together through 2014 and beyond.

Snowy night by a light post featuring J.Crew coat, J.Crew sequin polka dot top, Gap pants, Cole Haan heels~ outfit ~
J.Crew coat // J.Crew top // Gap pants (similar) // Cole Haan heels
Kate Spade bracelet (similar) // INPINK ring

2013 went by so quickly in my eyes, but looking back, this was a year filled with lots of changes, but at the same time, lots of love and tons of great moments that I’ll hold with me for the rest of my life.

I’ll leave you with a recap of some of my top posts in 2013:

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Happy New Year! xx

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  • Corlie Mortimer

    Wow a house for your first anniversary! How awesome is that! I am happy to have become part of the blogging community this year and am looking forward to reading loads more of your fabulous posts :) hoping you have a fabulous 2014!

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Corlie!! Happy New Year! xoxo

  • Marisa Stewart

    That is the most fabulous 1st anniversary present ever! Congrats! I’m excited to see your adventure in opening a boutique. If you ever need any tips don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m so happy we found each other in blogland! I really love reading your posts!

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Marisa, I really appreciate that!! I’ve loved getting to know you thus far! Happy New Year!!

  • Allena Mistral

    Happy New Year!! Congrats on such an amazing year! And let me know when that boutique opens and where it is! I’ll be in Boston for at least the next five years :P

    • Niki Caron

      YAY! I’d love to have you check it out and if all goes well, it’ll be open in the next couple of years! Happy new Year!

      • Allena Mistral

        Awesome! Let me know exactly when and I’ll be one of the first in the door!

        • Niki Caron

          Will do!! Thank you!!! xo

  • Janine Huldie

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Niki and wishing you only the best in 2014!! Seriously sounded though like 2013 on the whole was amazing and by the way will totally keep your Nana in my prayers.

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Janine! Happy New Year friend! xo

  • Sharon

    Sounds like you had quite a wonderful year! Here’s to an even better 2014!

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    Le Mode Giveaway!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Sharon! Happy 2014! xo

  • Lauren

    Such an eventful year! Wishing you all the best in 2014!! xo

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Lauren! Happy New Year!

  • Rachel

    Ok- I did not know you were Greek! And that’s so awesome that you’re that much closer to getting your MBA. While I’m not pursuing one myself, the company I work for revolves around them so I know just how much work goes into getting one! Happy new year!

    • Niki Caron

      Yup – 100%! :) I can’t wait to finish my degree, but in the meantime it’s pretty fun getting it (aside from the stress, haha)! Happy New Year, Rachel!

  • Nikki @ The Pink Growl

    I love this post! 2014 is going to be great!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Nikki!! Happy New Year sweet friend!

  • Lauren @ iSeeMakeup

    Congrats on an amazing 2013 and to an even more amazing 2014!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Lauren!!

  • Filiz O’Brien

    A wonderful 2013! Hope you have a just-as-fantastic 2014.

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Filiz! Happy New Year!

  • Dora

    Sounds like you had an amazing year and I hope you get your wish of owning a boutique soon :) xo

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Dora!!!

  • Sherry F

    What an amazing and exciting year for you and your husband! It has been so awesome getting to know you through your blog. Here is to a fabulous 2014!!! xoxo Sherry

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Sherry! I’ve loved getting to know you thus far! Happy New Year!

  • Alicia Chew

    2013 sounded like an amazing year! Congrats on buying your home! Happy New Year, Niki.

    • Niki Caron

      It was a wonderful year! Happy New Year, Alicia!

  • Always Maylee

    It was a great year for you and I think 2014 has more great things in store for you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • Niki Caron

      Aw thanks Yi-chia!! Happy New Year to you and your growing family! xoxo

  • Erin Gray

    Aww well this is a sweet post. I feel like I was getting my very own Christmas letter from you haha. Hooray for a better Nana’s liver and to the house!

    • Niki Caron

      Haha I felt that way when I was writing it! Love you friend!

  • Jen

    You had a great year my friend. And how cute are you in your red coat! Hope your next year is just as great! Happy New Year!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Jen!!! Happy New Year!

  • Ginny

    You have had a great year for sure! I’m glad you’re back near your family and super exciting about opening a boutique when you’re ready!

    • Niki Caron

      It’s so nice to be home! And I can’t wait to open the shop! Soon I hope!

  • Angela Keeley-White

    You’ve definitely had an amazing year!! Happy New Year!


    • Niki Caron

      Happy New Year Angela! xo

  • Kate @ Another Clean Slate

    Happy anniversary and happy housewarming! It certainly will be tough to beat that one!

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much!!

  • Whitney

    Looks like you had a great year! Congrats on finishing another year of your MBA program. A house in the first year… Jealous! We will hopefully be able to purchase our first home in early 2015. *crosses fingers

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Whitney!!! Fingers crossed for you! xo

  • Kate

    Sounds like a great year! We also celebrated our first anniversary and bough a house–although it’s so nice for you all to get to be close to family! Love that red coat, ESPECIALLY with the snow swirling around you!

    • Niki Caron

      Congratulations on your house and your first anniversary!!! And thank you! xo

  • becauseshannasaidso

    What a whirlwind year full of blessings and a few tears!! It has been a pleasure to follow along and you know how much a LOVE you! Congrats on all your successes! Looking forward to see what 2014 has in store! Happy New Year, sweet friend!!

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Shanna! Love you! Happy 2014!

  • Bethany C

    Love your coat! Very awesome year, and I hope you do open your boutique! :)

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Bethany!!!

  • Laura Bergin

    Lovely post Niki! I have loved following along this year, yours is one of my favourite daily reads :) Happy New Year xo

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Laura!! Happy New Year! xo

  • Lacey @ Sunny + Turquoise

    Absolutely love this post, this clearly has been your year girl!! I am pretty jealous of your big greek family haha! Also, I would be the FIRST to shop in your boutique, more power to you!! Wishing you all the best in the New Year, I am thankful I ‘met’ you in blogland in 2013!! xo

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks lady! Haha I love my big fat Greek family! And I would be SO happy for you to come shop once I open the boutique!! I am so thankful to have met you too! Happy New Year!!

  • Jessica @ Here&Now

    What a fabulous year! Cheers to more blessings in 2014!


    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Jessica! You too!

  • Niki Caron

    Thank you so much Jackie!