Color Love: Blush

I am big on neutrals in the color world – whites, creams, greys, leopard (ahem, yes I said that)… and I believe that the gorgeous shade of blush falls into the neutral category perfectly. It can be paired with so many different shades and variations, yet at the same time it’s still a classic, polished and somewhat girly pink.

blush colored fashion picks from Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Coach, Topshop, H&M, Sephora, Piperlime

necklace // cardigan // earrings // earrings // bag // loafers
perfume // tee // belt // sunglasses // skirt // shoes


What colors are you loving lately???


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Glossy Blonde

  • Amanda

    Everything’s so pretty – especially those loafers! I also love Chloe perfume!

    All Things Pretty

    • Niki Caron

      It’s my favorite! I wore it on my wedding day!

  • Laura

    My absolute favourite tone at any time of the year! :)

    • Niki Caron

      Mine too! It’s so refreshing!

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Gorgeous heels, and the blush color is so versatile :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    • Niki Caron

      I agree!

  • Jessie

    I’m guessing you intended this to go up before Valentine’s Day because your introduction isn’t entirely accurate ;-) I love this shade on other people but it’s just one that clashes with my complexion and red hair. The only time I will wear it is on my feet paired with denim and a classic white shirt.

    • Niki Caron

      Yes! Thank you for catching that! I had to rearrange some posts and completely forgot I had written that. I think this is a great color paired with denim and classic white!

      • Jessie

        No worries, things can get kind of hectic in a blogger’s life so I completely understand :-)

        • Niki Caron

          Haha thanks girl!

  • Rachelle

    Love this blush color, that skirt is perfection.

    • Niki Caron

      I love the skirt so much!

  • bri @ deliciouslyactive

    I love wearing blush! I started getting so many blush pieces for work that I now purposefully stay away from the section because I don’t want to be known as the girl that only wear pink.

    • Niki Caron

      Haha it’s a great color!

  • Janine Huldie

    Ok, you had me sold on pink. Seriously any shade with do for me and god am in heaven right now!! :)

    • Niki Caron

      Haha I know you love your pink!

  • Allena Mistral

    Love blush!! Your picks are great, Niki!!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Allena!

  • Nicki Lewis

    Very scuttle color. With you I like to stay with neutral colors. Bought the Color Tattoo eyeshadow from your previous post & LOVE IT!! Thanks for the tip.

    • Niki Caron

      Yay! I’m so glad you like it!

  • jackie jade

    love this color! I want all versions of blush/coral/peach at my wedding. so pretty :)

    • Niki Caron

      Your wedding is going to be gorgeous!

  • Daily Express

    Beautiful choices. I especially love the pink Kate Spade bag – so cute! Thank you for hosting the linkup!

    On the Daily Express

    • Niki Caron


  • Stephanie

    I love blush, but I can only wear it in accessories. I’m too pale and too blond for it to be close to my face, it washes me out I think.

    • Niki Caron

      Accessories still work! :)

  • Nikki @ The Pink Growl

    Usually I love a more bright/hot pink, but this color is so pretty and girly!

    • Niki Caron

      It’s definitely a different take on pink!

  • Abby

    I’m in love with blush lately too. It’s so feminine, soft and wearable. I especially love the cardigan you chose… it’s so pretty!

    • Niki Caron

      I agree! And thank you!

  • Alyssa

    I’m obsessed with blush lately, too! For a while I really had my eye on a blush coat, and while I still want one, I don’t know if it’s practical to get now (because I’m at least HOPING spring is on it’s way).

    • Niki Caron

      I was actually thinking the same exact thing this morning! The good thing (for me at least) is that it will probably be on sale now!

  • RedTagChicLA

    I will forever be a huge fan of blush/powder pink….it’s so blendable & chic & your picks here are so lovely!!


    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Rebecca!

  • Rachel

    This color is so pretty. Although I’m so pale I worry I wouldn’t be able to pull it off haha

    • Niki Caron

      I bet you would look beautiful in it!

  • Nicole Marica

    I love the blush color, I have one cardigan and a blazer in that color, I need to get more. I love your picks!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks! It’s such a gorgeous color, I can’t get enough of it lately!

  • Ginnie

    I love blush pink! So pretty. I need that bag;)

    • Niki Caron

      I love the bag!

  • Sharon

    Oh yes, I love this color! It is so pretty!

    The Tiny Heart

    • Niki Caron

      It’s so refreshing!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    AHHH I WANT ALL OF THIS. it’s my favorite color in the world :) you’re going to make me online shop when i’m supposed to be on a hiatus, ha!

    • Niki Caron

      Oh no! Haha this is such a great color though!

  • stylishlyinlove

    I am loving blush in the winter. I love your picks. I just bought a dress in blush and I love it.


    • Niki Caron

      It’s such a gorgeous color and I love that it’s versatile enough to work in any season!

  • Christina Warren

    Stunning layout. I’m trying to stay chic while pregnant and sticking to the blacks and whites I’ve always worn but someone decided lately that pregnant women want to be in stripes b/c they sell a lot of stripy stuff and I’ve had to indulge so I don’t go naked! Linking up for the first time this week! Yay!

    • Niki Caron

      Haha I bet the stripes look great on you! Thanks for linking up!!!

  • Kristin Thompson

    Blush is my absolute favorite! I wish I could wear it every day!

    Crumbs & Curls

    • Niki Caron

      Me too!

  • Jeans and a Teacup

    I love the blush color! It’s so pretty and I love that it’s neutral enough to wear with a lot of things!

    • Niki Caron

      I agree! It’s so versatile!

  • Nicole @ Treasure Tromp

    oh I love blush!

    • Niki Caron

      It’s so pretty!

  • Daisy L

    I want all those pieces lol :-)

    • Niki Caron

      Haha I do too!

  • becauseshannasaidso

    I ma right their with you on the blush train!!! I want those earrings from Piperlime!! They are gorg!! Great round up, lady!! xoxo

    • Niki Caron

      I am obsessed with those earrings!

  • Amanda

    Love anything and everything blush, great picks!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Amanda!

  • Kelly

    I love this color, I just need the weather to catch up!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Niki Caron

      I’m with you on that!

  • Hallie Oceanside

    I will take EVERYTHING above. That color is at the top of my spring list!

    • Niki Caron

      Mine too!

  • Always Maylee

    I love this color, it’s so sweet, feminine, and pretty. I want that tee and bag and necklace please!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • Niki Caron

      I want it all!

  • Ginny

    I’m crazy about the earrings, so pretty!

    • Niki Caron

      Aren’t the gorgeous?!

  • Natalia

    LOVE everything in that collage! I saw the picture and had to click over, such a great color!

    • Niki Caron

      I am loving everything blush lately!

  • Angela Keeley-White

    I love this color!! The bag is to die for!


    • Niki Caron

      LOVE that bag!

  • Meg O.

    Ahhh! I need all of that immediately! This makes me so happy for spring!

    • Niki Caron

      Me too!!

  • sandyalamode

    love all these picks soo much! i want a blush pink tory burch bag!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    • Niki Caron

      There’s one I’ve had my eye on for quite some time! I’m obsessed with her bags in general, but they’re even more gorgeous in blush!

  • Angela

    So pretty! Love the blush color!

    • Niki Caron

      Me too!

  • navy & orange

    love your selections!

    xoxo navy & orange

    • Niki Caron


  • Jenny

    I absolutely love the blush color family! It’s my go-to color.

    • Niki Caron

      It’s such a gorgeous color!

  • Ashley Sonntag

    I am so in love with blush right now too! All your pics are so fab!

    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you! It’s such a gorgeous color!

  • Ashley Aspinwall

    loving all of the blush pink! such a great color for spring :)

    xo SideSmile,


    SideSmile Style

    • Niki Caron

      I’m obsessed!

  • stylishlyinlove

    What a beautiful color for anyone to wear.

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