Tutorial: My Everyday Makeup Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine & Tutorial // Glossy Blonde

Today I’m sharing my everyday makeup routine in a talk-through tutorial.¬†This is a simple and quick beauty routine for a natural makeup look, and it’s my go-to on days that I need to get out the door quickly (which is pretty much every weekday). ;)

CLICK HERE to watch the video in YouTube you’re unable to view it below.


~Products Used~
Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in Shell
Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in Flesh
Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in Brightening
100% Pure Blush in Strawberry
Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush
Maybeline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded
Maybeline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Diorshow Mascara
Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude No. 1
NARS Lip Gloss in Piree

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As always, let me know in the comments section if you’d like to request any particular videos from me, or if you have any product recommendations for me to try out!

Thanks for watching! xo

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  • http://www.bethandbeauty.com/ Beth and Beauty

    I so loved your video! i really like the way that Hourglass tinted moisturizer looks and blends. I also love the way you did your eye shadows. I have weird allergies, I am allergic to the Diorshow Mascara (sad face)!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! That stinks that you are allergic to Diorshow! :(

  • Ashlyn F

    Putting on mascara takes up the majority of the time spent getting ready in the morning. I am obsessed with big lashes. I will have totally different makeup on “natural” days vs my going out nights, but my mascara always has to be intense haha. I totally relate. You should try le volume de chanel mascara ;)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I’ve heard such great things about the Chanel mascara! I’ll be sure to pick it up sometime! And I’m so glad you can relate!

  • http://janinehuldie.com/ Janine Huldie

    Wonderful video and I am so going to try the concealer you mentioned here, because I haven’t been able lately to find one I like. Thanks :)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Janine! The concealer is my favorite!

  • http://dancingwithashleyblog.com/ dancingwithashley

    I like the “eye brightener” product!! The bottle looks really neat, too. You remind me so much of my cousin (which is a good thing) :) You sound so great on camera. I love your videos…More please!! :)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It’s a really great product, and it’s from the drugstore which is even better! I’m so glad you like my videos!!!

  • http://www.alwaysmaylee.com/ Always Maylee

    That’s it. After I pop this baby out I’m making you do my makeup! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Anytime! :)

  • http://www.northernbellediaries.com/ Lisette

    You are gorgeous! And a natural in front of the camera!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Lisette!! xo

  • Kacie’s Kloset
    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Kacie!

  • Natalia

    Love it! I am gonna have to try out the maybelline color tattoo pots, they look so pretty! I used to swear by DiorShow but then got a couple bad batches & found a cheaper brand that I liked in the meantime! But it used to be so good!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      They’re so good! That’s too bad about your Diorshow experience, but I’m dying to know what you’ve been using instead!

  • becauseshannasaidso

    First of all, can I have your bare skin?? I mean really? Flawless! And I am soooooo going to buy the Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer ASAP!!! I could totally tell a difference. Annnnd, why haven’t I tried the Color tattoo shadows yet…thanks for my drugstore haul coming up really soon! Great video as always!! xoxo

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Aw thank you! But so not flawless, my studio lights seemed to have washed out all the redness that I have! I need to figure that out because I want people to see what my skin really looks like so they can see the difference the products are making! But I am so glad you could see a difference with the Age Rewind! I lvoe that stuff! And you will love the color tattoos!!

  • Katie Did What

    Yay for makeup videos!! You are so gorgeous, with AND without makeup! <3 I'll have to watch the video with sound later, as I'm working now, but I'm excited for it! :)



    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thank you so much Katie!!

  • Ginny

    Loved watching this, my routine is similar but I use brushes :)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Ginny! I do use brushes more often than not, but I just wanted to show a really quick and easy way to do my makeup!

  • Alison Lumbatis

    Wow, your skin is so pretty! You don’t even need any type of base. This is such a pretty everyday makeup routine. I’m going to pick up those color pots on my next trip to Target.

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Alison! I think the studio lights washed out some of my redness a bit, but I appreciate that! You will love the color tattoos!

  • http://twobirdsboutique.blogspot.com/ two birds

    i love your natural look! and you are gorgeous without makeup, but i love the colors you have chosen.

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thank you so much!!

  • http://www.sparklesandshoes.com/ Kelly

    Wait – I have this same post going live tomorrow!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Too funny!

  • ElleSees.blogspot.com

    some awesome products! and i know you love makeup like me, but you totally don’t need any! you’re gorgeous! i loved this!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      You are too sweet! Thank you so much Elle!

  • http://mamainheels.com/ Mama in Heels

    You look gorgeous without any makeup! Thank you for sharing your tips!!!


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thank you so much!

  • hollie furniss

    This was a lovely tutorial! You look beautiful.


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Hollie!

  • http://www.willfullyelegant.com/ WE

    Love the way you did the eye shadow!! So nautral and so effortless!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous look and super easy. I need to try those Maybelline shadows! I use the Hourglass Immaculate foundation ( I think that’s what it’s called?) and it’s my fave. SO worth the price tag! One pump gives me full coverage all day!

    Can I ask what type of lens do you use? Whenever I try makeup tutorials, my lens doesn’t focus right :(

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Amamda! I had the Immaculate foundation first, but it was unfortunately a little too drying for my skin. But I did not have dry skin I would get a ton of use from it! It’s a good one!

      And yes of course! I use a Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 lens. I don’t use the auto-focus though, I set it manually!

  • http://www.simplylulustyle.com/ Lulu

    You look beautiful! Thanks for linking up!


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Lulu!