Epicness: Nordstrom Shoe Clearance!

Nordstrom Shoe Clearance Sale

Is ‘epicness’ a word? If not, I just made it one. So anyway, just as I attempt yet another spending freeze, Nordstrom has an epic shoe sale. I’m sorry, epic shoe clearance. Nordstrom is advertising that shoes are up to 40% off, but I’ve even found a few pairs that are 50% off (like the teal Kate Spade pair below)!

Forty percent.


Call me weak, but this is glorious. The hubbs seriously can’t be mad at me for this one. Because I’m saving so much money.

Here are some of my favorites:



My personal favorite is this pair of boots! I have the same ones in the distressed finish, but how chic is this black pair?! Need.

Just kidding. I couldn’t pick one favorite. These are way too fabulous not to mention! In love. Oh, and these. They’re so simple and classic, yet so chic! (I may or may not have bought them as I’m typing this. Whoops!)

Aaaaand I kind of need these sandals. Plus, how cool are these boots?!

Somebody stop me! I am getting way too excited about this.

What are you getting from the best shoe sale ever???


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  • http://www.bethandbeauty.com/ Beth and Beauty

    I would love to part of the Totally Posted Tuesday but I have to admit I am a new blogger and I am not sure how to link up my post. I know probably very simple, but I am still learning!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Underneath all of the photos of people who have linked up, you’ll see a line in pink that says “Click here to enter.” That will bring you to the linky page and it will give you all the instructions on where to enter your link etc and choose a photo! I hope that helps! :)

      • http://www.bethandbeauty.com/ Beth and Beauty

        Thank you Niki!

        • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

          You’re welcome!

  • http://blog.redbuffalotrading.com/ Corlie Mortimer

    Those boots at the bottom are just to die for!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I love those!

  • Allena Mistral

    Oh lord, this is why I should never walk in to Nordstrom!!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Hahah I hear you!

  • http://janinehuldie.com/ Janine Huldie

    This post is totally dangerous to the shoe lover in me and those boots are fabulous (seriously calling my name now!).

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It was dangerous just writing it!

  • Elena Elswick

    I might need the drover boots! Love!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      i LOVE those!

  • Nicki Lewis

    Love the Tory & Burch sandles. Wish they were not out of my size

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I hate when that happens!

  • Beth Ann Allison

    I was already planning a trip to Nordstrom at lunch to make a return. Now a stop in the shoe dept is a must. So many wedges I need for Spring/Summer.

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron


  • http://www.jadeoak.com/ jackie jade

    ooooh I need to check this out! i’m starting my hunt for wedding shoes so i’ll have to see if they have any!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I hope you were able to find something!

  • http://www.lightandsweetblog.com/ Filiz O’Brien

    I’ll definitely be hitting up this sale!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It’s soooo good!

  • RedTagChicLA

    Whoa thanks for the heads up!!!!


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      You’re very welcome! :)

  • becauseshannasaidso

    I hear ya….I saw this sale too and just had to look away. If I come home with another pair of shoes Ross might move out!! Kidding, but I am sooooo tempted to snag a few that I have been drooling over!!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Hahaha my husband feels the same way! ;)

  • http://www.notentirelyperfect.com/ Stephanie

    omg shoes! I did not need to know this

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I feel like I got in way over my head with this. I had to narrow it down from sooo many pairs!

  • Lacey @ Sunny + Turquoise

    LOL the hubs can’t be mad because of all the money you are saving, I LOVE THAT hahaha made me laugh. Can’t wait to see what you got!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Hahaha thanks Lacey!

  • 5ftandpetite


    I randomly stumbled across your page and I must say, I love your page!

    Those shoes are gorgeous and I am so tempted to go get some new shoes since this is a sale, I think its an exception to spend money :)


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I agree!

  • stylishlyinlove

    Loving these shoes. Thanks for sharing all these great deals and buys.

    Happy shopping!


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Thanks Sofia!

  • http://meetatthebarre.blogspot.com/ Amanda Elizabeth

    Hey can’t get mad because I’m saving money!!! hahahha that is so something I would say to Mark and he would just roll his eyes…..those Frye boots are epic I agree ;-)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Haha it’s true!

  • Biana Perez

    I love all of these – but if I add one more pair of shoes to my collection – my husband may revoke my buying privileges…although i do need a new pair of summer wedges…

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      My husband feels the same way!

  • Ginny

    Nordstroms has the best shoe sales!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      They really do!

  • Sarah C

    Must not shop! Must not shop, I will not click on the link, I will not click on those links…backs away slowly…

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Haha sorry!! :)

  • http://www.lisalovesjohn.blogspot.com/ Lisa Pray

    Girlll, you just made my day!! I’m about to go do some shoe shopping :)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Woo hoo!

  • meghan

    oh goodness that is hands down just dangerous! i looked and unfortunately most of my size is gone :( hope u find some great goodies :)

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It IS dangerous! But in a really good way! I’m sorry to hear your size was gone though!

  • http://www.cupcakesncouture.com/ Amy Breckenridge

    i am trying really hard not to shop right now so i need to stay away from this sale! but believe me i’ve already checked it out!!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It’s so hard to stay away!

  • http://www.alittledreamforme.com/ Julie Enns

    Love this! I’m on a saving kick right now and these sales are killing me! Last week Kate Spade had 75% off! I love these shoes though! :)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I love a good Kate Spade sale too!

  • http://theoddone2013.blogspot.com/ Kate B

    Toronto is getting a Nordstrom and I almost pissed my pants when I found out! I need to get my arse in there and take advantage of those sales!!

    (and “epicness” is totally a word)

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Yay!! And haha thanks!

  • http://headtotoechicblog.com/ Angela Keeley-White

    oh my goodness, this is such an amazing sale! I definitely need to go check it out.


    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      It’s sooo good!

  • http://www.thoroughlymodernblog.blogspot.com/ Kate

    This is bad news. Bad, bad, bad. However, I am going on a fun trip soon, so maybe I really need to buy a pair? Yes? Okay, stop, you’ve convinced me.

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Hahaha a new pair of shoes is always good for a fun trip!

  • http://www.coralsandcognacs.com/ Hallie Wilson

    Yes, epicness is the word. I just hit this sale up, but I went for a pair of Nike’s! May have to go back for round two… : )

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Haha thanks for that :) And who could blame you for going back for another round?!

  • Madeline Mihaly

    I’ve been eyeing this pair of booties but I’m trying to have some self control! Its just so hard!



    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I agree – self-control is very difficult in times like these! You should have seen my shopping basket when I first discovered the sale!

  • http://www.agoodhue.net/ Amanda

    Ahhhh, I knew I shouldn’t have looked at this post! Hope you came up on some great pairs!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      Haha sorry!! :)

  • Amy Bishop

    I saw this too and just like you I caved. What girl can resist a shoe sale, not this one.:) Love all of your picks!

    • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

      I agree – it’s so hard to resist!

  • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

    Oh no! Well, that’s good that you have lots of new shoes from January though!