Nailed It: Zoya Tobey

Zoya Tobey Nail Polish Review

I’m all about the brights lately and Zoya Tobey nail polish makes me happy!

You may have seen a short review of this polish in my March beauty favorites, but I wanted to dedicate a post to the polish itself, complete with photos and specifics.

Zoya Tobey is a creamy and very bright fuchsia-based candy pink.

The polish applies with perfect opacity in just one coat, but two coats will bring it up to the creamy, almost neon shade that you see in the bottle. I found that it dried pretty quickly as well.

This one started chipping on me after just 4 days of wear. Since I can usually get a polish to last a good 7 days, that was a bummer. But the shade itself is a smile in a bottle! I know that this beautiful warm weather pink will be a favorite of mine throughout the spring and summer months.

Zoya Tobey Nail Polish Review

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  • dancingwithashley

    Love the bright pink!!! Definitely next on my list.

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you! I love it too!

  • Janine Huldie

    Very pretty and also wearing a bright pink myself this week!! :)

    • Niki Caron

      Woo hoo! It’s perfect for this time of year!

  • Ashley

    That is such a pretty colour!!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

    • Niki Caron


  • Biana Perez

    The fact that it started chipping after 4 days would have been a feat in itself for me haha!! Really pretty color and I could totally see you rocking it on a beach vacation!!

    • Niki Caron

      Haha thank you! It would be so great for a beach vacay!

  • meghan

    loving brights myself too girl! great polish gonna have to check it out..

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

    • Niki Caron

      They’re such a great pick me up this time of year!

  • Sharon

    I love hot pink for this time of year!


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    • Niki Caron

      It’s such a great spring color!

  • Jamie

    Such a pretty color!! xo l
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    • Niki Caron


  • Rachel

    Pretty for spring!

    • Niki Caron

      I love it for this time of year!

  • Stephanie

    aw that’s too bad it chipped quick, it’s an awesome color!

    • Niki Caron

      I loveee the color!

  • gabrielle

    perfect shade for spring! love how you described it as a smile in a bottle.


    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Gabby!

  • Megan Wadsworth

    What a GREAT color. I keep hoping if I paint my nails bright colors that spring weather will stick around…

    • Niki Caron

      I am with you on that!!

  • Sarah C

    Really pretty color!

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you!

  • Tela @ Sweet Southern T

    Oh! I love this color. I am always a sucker for Pink and this is a great summer color. Thanks for sharing.


    • Niki Caron

      Thank you!

  • B.

    Zoya nailpolishes are *the bomb*. Love this color!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

    • Niki Caron

      They’re the best!

  • Alison Lumbatis

    That is a gorgeous pink, so spring-like!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Alison! It’s so perfect for this time of year!

  • Kayla Wallace Gilbert

    LOVE that color! And your ring is beautiful..! : )

    • Niki Caron

      Aw thanks Kayla! xo

  • Amy Bishop

    Gorgeous color and you have the prettiest nails! And your ring, oh my heavens, it’s beautiful!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Amy! You’re too sweet! :)

  • Angela Keeley-White

    That is such a gorgeous bright pink! I love it!


    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Angela!

  • Kelly

    such a pretty color!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Kelly! I love it!

  • Becky

    LOVE that color!!! So pretty for spring!

    B @ Cella Jane

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks! I agree!

  • Kacie’s Kloset

    Pretty color! I need polish that dries fast because I always smudge mine. I’ll have to try this out!

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks Kacie! I was impressed at how quickly it seemed to dry!

  • Samantha Calder

    Such a pretty pink! i am really loving these sort of colours for spring and summer.

    • Niki Caron

      Thank you! Me too!

  • Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    Such a pretty color for spring AND summer!

    • Niki Caron

      I love it!

  • becauseshannasaidso

    Tell me your tricks for getting a polish to last 7 days!!! Mine starts chipping at least 3 days in. Drives me nuts!! This is a great spring and summer color though!!

    • Niki Caron

      I always buff my nails before painting them so they’re completely smooth, and I also wait about 10 minutes between every single coat, including base and top coat, and then I let it dry for at least an hour before doing anything with my hands. It takes a lot of patience but I seriously think it really helps my manicure last!

      • becauseshannasaidso

        Okay, you have way more patience than I do!! LOL! Thanks for the tips….looks like I need to plan my polishing better!! :)

        • Niki Caron

          Haha you’re welcome! It took some practice to get used to taking soooo long to do my manicure! I’ve found it easier when I am watching a show like Real Housewives on DVR – I can pause it, do a coat, unpause it and be entertained, etc. It makes the time go by faster!

  • Rachel Raquel

    Love this- I have a pink Zoya that I love but it’s almost gone and yucky now… need to try this! :)

    • Niki Caron

      Thanks! I am loving this shade for spring!